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AI Code:BB0444

£3.50per straw

All-white bull with very short gestation, 4 days less than British Blue average. Has produced top quality pedigree and crossbred offspring. Excellent crossing bull used with dairy cows.

Herdbook No.B-20021330
Ear TagUK320344100398
Birth Date17/10/2002
DamTwyning Ash Justina ET
SireCornlan Ryan (SR) ET
Calv. Ease Direct (%) -0.449%
Calv. Ease DTRS (%)-1.036%
Gestation Length (days)--
Birth Wt. (kg) +2.671%
200 Day Wt. (kg)+19%69%
400 Day Wt. (kg) +4768%
600 Day Wt. (kg) +6369%
Mat Cow Wt (kg)--
Milk (kg)--
Scrotal Size (cm)+0.6>53%>
Carcase Wt (wg)+37>58%>
Eye Muscle Area (
Fat Depth (mm)-0.745%
Retail Beef Yield (%)+1.041%
IMF (%)0.030%
Market Target Index Value Breed Avg.
BBB Carcase Yield Index (GBP) +28+12
BBB Pedigree Breeding Index (GBP) +19+6