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AI Code:MS8182

£3.50per straw

A well bred, all white bull with a number of AI bulls in his pedigree. His sire, Twyning Ash Flemming, has been extensively used in dairy herds throughout the UK. Kingfishers maternal grandsire, Twyning Ash Jingle was one of our very early AI bulls that helped to build the easy calving reputation of the Twyning Ash Herd. He has a tremendous set of EBV figures putting him in the top 5% for calving ease, 400 day growth and carcass profitability. We look forward to the progeny from this exciting young bull.

Twyning Ash Kingfisher
Herdbook No.B-20151098
Ear TagUK333124500013
Birth Date17/09/2015
DamTwyning Ash Fabel
SireTwyning Ash Flemming
Calv. Ease Direct (%) +0.931%
Calv. Ease DTRS (%)+0.423%
Gestation Length (days)--
Birth Wt. (kg) +2.671%
200 Day Wt. (kg)+1463%
400 Day Wt. (kg) +2968%
600 Day Wt. (kg) +3870%
Mat Cow Wt (kg)--
Milk (kg)--
Scrotal Size (cm)70%>58%>
Carcase Wt (wg)+0.5>42%>
Eye Muscle Area (
Fat Depth (mm)-0.6%54%
Retail Beef Yield (%)+0.349%
IMF (%)+0.139%
Market Target Index Value Breed Avg.
BBB Carcase Yield Index (GBP) +18+12
BBB Pedigree Breeding Index (GBP) +16+6