Twyning Ash Oskar

Twyning Ash Oskar


Twyning Ash Oskar
AI Code:B707572

Oskar is currently the top value bull on breedplan. Incredible bull with once in a lifetime graph. Oskar is a ukulele son with all the quality of his father and more on top. Semen has already made its way to New Zealand from this sought after bull and not enough praise can be given to him. Calving survey is done and proving high conception rates, easily born calves with excellent vigour. Growth rates on calves have been tremendous and 4 week old Oskar offspring has been fetching £400 at Sedgemoor market. Available for export

Twyning Ash Twyning Ash Oskar
HerdBook No. B-20190427
Sex Male
Ear Tag UK332139300001
Birth Date 16/04/2019
Dam Twyning Ash June
Sire Twyning Ash Ukulele

Calv. Ease Direct (%) Calv. Ease DTRS (%) Birth Wt. (kg) 200 Day Wt. (kg) 400 Day Wt. (kg) 600 Day Wt. (kg) Scrotal Size
carcase Wt (kg) Eye Muscle Area
Rib Fat (mm) Retail Beef Yield (%) IMF (%)
+0.8 - +1.1 +21 +41 +56 +0.7> +41> +4.0 -0.6 +2.0 -0.4
34% - 70% 68% 69% 71% 60%> 58%> 42% 52% 47% 36%

Traits Observed: GL,BWT,200WT,400WT,600WT,SS,FAT,EMA,IMF

Market Target Index Value Breed Avg.
BBB Carcase Yield Index (GBP) +32 +12
BBB Pedigree Breeding Index (GBP) +34 +6

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