Nightingale Qpid

Nightingale Qpid


Nightingale Qpid
AI Code:AA1429

Qpid is from the renowned Nightingale herd and a grandson of the prolific Genus bull Nightingale Ploughman. He has been Photographed at a young age and is clearly growing very fast demonstrating fantastic height and length. He has an excellent EBV and calving figures that give confidence for use on cows and heifers coupled with superb growth figures for the commercial breeder.

Twyning Ash Nightingale Qpid
HerdBook No. 140
Sex Male
Ear Tag UK302307400804
Birth Date 05/02/2015

Calv. Ease Direct (%) Calv. Ease DTRS (%) Birth Wt. (kg) 200 Day Wt. (kg) 400 Day Wt. (kg) 600 Day Wt. (kg) Scrotal Size
Eye Muscle Area
Rib Fat (mm) Retail Beef Yield (%) IMF (%)
+2.2 +2.6 +2.0 +49 +85 +100 +1.6> +5.4 -2.2 +2.1 -0.2
41% 36% 72% 68% 68% 63% 72%> 49% 56% 49% 44%

Traits Observed: BWT,200WT,400WT,SS,FAT,EMA,IMF

Market Target Index Value Breed Avg.
BBB Carcase Yield Index (GBP) +61 +45
BBB Pedigree Breeding Index (GBP) +40 +31

NB: Semen available for export. £50 royalty fee applicable. For more information just call 01453 860072.

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