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The UK's longest recording British Blue Herd


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Market Target Index Value Breed Average
BBB Carcase Yield Index (GBP) +19 +12
BBB Pedigree Breeding Index GBP) +19 +6


Qualifies for:

NB: There is a £30 royalty on this bull when registering a pedigree calf sired by him. There is no royalty on crossbred use. Semen available for the UK only, for more information just call 01453 860072.


A proven easy calving sire with superb muscling, tremendous length with very sound legs and feet. We have had a good crop of calves from him that are demonstrating outstanding quality.

Twyning Ash Ferryman
HerdBook No. B-20100509
Sex Male
Ear Tag: UK320344401528
Birth Date 25/02/2010


Calv. Ease Direct (%) Birth Wt. (kg) 200 Day Wt. (kg) 400 Day Wt. (kg) 600 Day Wt. (kg) Eye Muscle Area ( Rib Fat (mm) Retail Beef Yield (%)
+0.8 +1.3 +14 +31 +38 +1.7 -0.2 +0.6
35% 69% 62% 68% 62% 43% 51% 47%



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